Intex Developments have been working all over London helping people with their home projects, whether it is building a home from the ground up, loft conversion, extension, refurbishment or just simply home improvements we have the resources and the traders to ensure you have the right people for your job. 


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About us

For over 20 years Intex Developments have been providing their services for clients ranging from house refurbishment to a full extension.

We are a construction company offering a wide range of services to fit all of our clients needs.

When it comes to creating your dream home we understand that sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. With our expertise and experience we can help you go from inspiration to decision making.

Our winning formula is communication: we always keep you informed of what is going on with your project so you are involved every step of the way.

We always strive to keep to schedule and within budget with our goal always being to create the most exceptional homes.


Staircases & Railings

Your project

We understand the importance of client expectations and how we approach our client relationships is our winning formula. From our management team to our workforce, all of our people have a complete understanding of your project from the outset and will respect what you want to create.

Every stage of your project is carefully planned with expert management to ensure the job is completed on time, within budget and to ensure the necessary materials, resources and workforce are available.

Before your project begins we will carry out a detailed survey of the site, gather measurements and draw up specific design specifications. In addition we will undertake a detailed inspection of the external and internal elements of a project, as necessary. Following the inspection a comprehensive written quotation will be provided with the opportunity for discussion before committing to the project.

We always want to achieve a cost-effective solution for our clients and as such, we do not estimate. Our quotations are a fully detailed breakdown of all the works and materials, together with a summary outlining any issues or points of consideration. We make sure the scope of works and feasibility are clearly set out and we pride ourselves in making this process as seamless as possible and meeting your expectations. 

We look forward to submitting a quotation and working together to complete your project.


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